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Condo Selling Tips

When thinking about Selling Your Condominium remember that buyers prefer clean homes. By making a few improvements, you can increase the your propertyís value while decreasing the time needed to sell it

Basic Enhancements to your Condominium

Smell is the first thing a buyer notices when stepping inside a condo. Steam cleaning the carpets, washing walls and floors with cleaning products and disinfectants can help wipe out any odors. To add a pleasing aroma, try burning candles or potpourri, boiling a pot of cinnamon sticks or putting a dab of vanilla on cold light bulbs before turning them on.
Painting is the fastest way to make your condominium on Cape Cod look newer. For the best interior upgrade, painting the walls and remove old wallpaper. Using neutral colors such as beige, white, off-white, or gray will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Neutral colors seem newer and cleaner and they can also brighten up a dull room. Consider replacing or professionally cleaning any carpets that appear worn, outdated or stained. By simply cleaning the windows and opening the curtains you will brighten the interior of your home. Cleaning hanging light fixtures and adding high-wattage bulbs will also brighten up a room. Read our Common Condo Seller Mistakes.

Twenty Suggestions to Selling your Condo on Cape Cod

1. Make the Most of that First Impression
A freshly landscaped yard, an uncluttered porch, a newly painted or scrubbed front door, all serve to attract buyers. In fall, rake up the leaves. In winter, plow the walks and driveways. Remove all obstacles between buyers and the true appeal of your condo.
2. Spend a Few Hours to Gain Future Dividends
This is your opportunity to clean up in real estate. Scrub, vacuum, and de-clutter the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Consider redecorating where there is scuffed woodwork or fading paint. New wallpaper can add value to your property. Buyers would rather see how gorgeous your home is than have to imagine how gorgeous it could be.
3. Check the Lights and Plumbing
Donít neglect dripping faucets and stained sinks that might suggest aging plumbing. Donít leave buyers in the dark with burned out light bulbs. Little issues such as these can detract from a positive image of your condominium.
4. Don't Shut Out a Sale
Repair sticky cabinet and closet doors as they will also stick in the buyers mind. A little effort ahead of time will smooth the way toward a closing.
5. Think Safety
As homeowners, we become accustomed to various booby traps around the house: roller skates, extension cords, slippery throw rugs and low hanging lights. Make your condo as safe as possible for visitors.
6. Create Open Space
Remember, prospects look for storage space as well as living space. Be sure to clean and clear out the attic and basement of unnecessary items.
7. Consider Your Closets
A well organized closet appears larger. Discard or donate those unnecessary items.
8. Spiff Up Your Bathrooms
Bathrooms help to sell condos, so make them beautiful. Repair or replace old caulking in the tubs and showers. Put out your best towels, mats and shower curtains.
9. Create Dream Bedrooms
Wake up prospects to the cozy comforts of your bedrooms. Clear out excess furniture to make the room look bigger. Pretty bedspreads and new curtains are a necessity.
10. Open up in the Daytime
Let the sun in! Draw back the curtains and pull up those shades so prospects will have the impression of a bright and cheery condominium.
11. Lighten up at Night
When showing your Cape Cod condo after dark, turn on all the lights inside and out. Lights add color and warmth, and make the buyer feel welcome.
12. Avoid Crowds
Potential buyers are often uncomfortable entering a home filled with people, making them more apt to rush through. Keep the groups to a minimum.
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